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Unarmoured by Trulycoolarts975 Underoos by Trulycoolarts975 The Battle of Rilgar by Trulycoolarts975 Blades of The Rebellion by Trulycoolarts975 Kat by Trulycoolarts975
Captain America by Trulycoolarts975 Black Panther vs Antman by Trulycoolarts975 The Empire vs First Order by Trulycoolarts975
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WDGHK Rant by Trulycoolarts975
It's time I did my own rant on him.
This is not an attack on this person. Please forgive me if I sound too harsh.
The above sums up me whenever I encounter his hate filled comments or deviations, I develop anger. let me explain to you of him. He claims to be a SpongBob fan, likely thinking he's truer than most, whilst at the same time hating on and insulting fans of modern SpongeBob, not showing any respect or acceptance, also doing the exact same for most Spandy art and shippers, often seemingly discouraging fans, trying to stop them from loving Modern SpongeBob or Spandy. After browsing more about him, it's become clear that he has social issues, he always comments with an arrogant "tone", possibly trying to make an impact and cause others to agree with him, or just completely enrage them. His hatred of Spandy is most noticeable, always commenting how disgusted he is, primarily due to a sexual relationship between two different species being impossible, even posting disgusting hybrid child art, however his argument is invalid, firstly, this is an ANIMATED SHOW, the primary point is that the impossible is actually possible, such as a hybrid Sponge/Squirrel child, secondly, he shows no problems with Mr Krabs X Miss Puff, Patrick X Mindy, or Plankton X Karen (while not a sexual relationship, it's still, uncommon)  despite THEM being different species, ( I have no problem with these pairings and ship all of them myself, including Spandy, just to clear up confusion). This proves there being no logic to his Spandy hatred. If anyone is to reply to him and rightfully defend others and SpongeBob, he simply blocks them and ignorantly continues see his own opinion as The only logical one. Finally, he had once posted a very racist comment on a humanized SpongeBob picture. With all of this said, it can be concluded that WDGHK simply cannot be respected due to his overhatred and refusal to accept others opinions.
SpongeBob SquarePants belongs to Nickelodeon.
SpongeBob SquarePants: War For Bikini Bottom by Trulycoolarts975
SpongeBob SquarePants: War For Bikini Bottom
A sequel Idea for Battle For Bikini Bottom
Evidence on the likeliness for a sequel/HD remake:…
SpongeBob SquarePants belongs to Nickelodeon
I am not affiliated with THQNORDIC, Nickelodeon, Heavy Iron Studios, or Sony
I've just repurchased a Nintendo DS Lite. All that's left is to re collect some of my old games for it.
What I can draw:
Mini Comics
Note: If you request females, I can draw them from fully clothed, to bikini's. NO NUDITY.
What I can't draw:
Extreme Gore
Racist Themes
Sexual Content 
It can be any fandom.
Three Characters per image, 5 points per every extra character
Headshots: 10 points
Halfbodys: 15 points
Fullbodys: 20 points
Mini Comics: 25 points
Characters and Backgrounds: 35 points
Remember, Art Trades are also open.


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Talmeez Chughtai
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
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Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR
Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl
Account Image by NakainRimmel
My name is The Armoured Purtism. I have more than 100 art pages to show all who are interested in Disney, Marvel, Transformers, TMNT, and such. I am also an Autistic Muslim from Pakistan. I'm sorry to say, but I hate the game Skylanders for stealing Disney Infinity's idea. My favourite and most respected Hero of all time is the Mighty Buzz Lightyear.

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